How to encrypt files

eCrypter is an effective and secure tool that uses OpenSSL technology to encrypt file sharing. It is a cross-platform encryption tool that allows users to encrypt files and folders with a password, ensuring that the data remains confidential and inaccessible to unauthorized parties. However, what sets eCrypter apart is that it not only ensures secure file sharing but also takes care of the security of the shared files beyond that.

One of the remarkable features of eCrypter is that it automatically destroys the shared files, which adds an additional layer of security to the process. Once the recipient receives the password-protected zip file and accesses the encrypted files, eCrypter destroys the files automatically to prevent unauthorized access to the data in the future. This feature eliminates the need to remember to delete the files manually, which could be easily overlooked.

Moreover, eCrypter provides users with the flexibility to choose the file destruction period. Users can set a specific time period, such as 1 day, 7 days, or 30 days, after which the shared files will be destroyed automatically. This feature is especially useful for organizations that deal with sensitive data that has a limited lifespan and needs to be destroyed after a certain period.

In addition, eCrypter ensures that the files are securely deleted, leaving no traces behind. The files are first overwritten with random data before being permanently deleted, ensuring that they cannot be recovered by data recovery tools. This level of data destruction adds an extra layer of security to the file-sharing process, making it ideal for sensitive data sharing.

In conclusion, eCrypter is an essential tool for secure file sharing. It uses OpenSSL technology to ensure that files are encrypted and password protected. The automatic file destruction feature of eCrypter adds an additional layer of security, making it an ideal tool for sharing sensitive data. Moreover, the flexibility to choose the destruction period ensures that the files are only available for a limited period, which is essential for organizations that deal with sensitive data. Overall, eCrypter is a secure and reliable tool for encrypted file sharing and provides users with the peace of mind that their data is safe and secure.

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